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Weekend Streaming and Dark Gods

Fri Jun 23, 2017, 8:41 AM
So its going to be over 100 freaking degrees this weekend where I live, or in layman's terms "HOT AS BALLS." I'm not going to do anything outside or labor intensive but I will be bored.

I asked in my poll what you guys want, and you voted for Photomanip streams and starting a cult to make a pack with a dark elder god to blot out the sun... So I will be streaming manips this weekend and taking requests (as long as it is a legal request and something I feel I can do), during which time we will go over cult details and see if we cant blot out that damned sun. (yes people, its a joke, chill...)

I will announce here via status update when the streaming starts and where to join the fun. 

Space, the final frontier

Wed Jun 14, 2017, 3:55 PM
Been working on a side project and while not looking for direct help at the moment, I am currently kicking ideas around and I am wondering what you all think.

What sort of features would you want to see in a 'openworld/sandbox' rpg set in space?

So, My vacation was more or less a bust with tons of Murphy's Law sprinkled on top (First hotel had a problem, had to fight to get money back, second hotel was horribly out dated, hardly slept due to poor sleeping conditions, First night there I ate at a sports bar with the other person I was with[mother for those that care] and we both got horribly sick all weekend and yesterday, bad weather in the near by towns, lots of stores closed, no wifi anywhere, and so on.)  so I am now even more behind on shit then I was before. I was going to take the time I had at the coast to work on and finish wildside as well as a few minor projects... that didnt happen. Yesterday I had only 1 hour of sleep in me before I started work, at work I had 12 pallets of freight come in unscheduled with both forklifts nearly out of power. It was short 2 boxes (luck would have it only 22 dollars worth when some boxes and be a few thousand). When I got home I just crashed, mentally and physically shut down, luckily over my bed.    

Plus side though, having slept for about 12 hours currently and feeling better then I normally do, which given my negative outlook makes me fearful I am in the eye of the storm as it were. As it stands, I am still well behind on all projects (wildside, writing, photomanips, scifi-X [which I have not mentioned here yet]) though I am going to attempt to work on these projects each night this week.

Expect to see Monday posts again next week.
Here on the Oregon coast on vacation. Had a problem with the first hotel where the door key didn't work, couldn't get into the room, they didn't want to refund me my money till I fought them about it. Now at a nicer hotel two towns south that is 50 less a night, right on the beach with a killer view. So moral here, don't let shit ruin your day, sometimes better shit comes around
Why isnt there a drink out there (like Gatorade or something to that effect) for gamers?  Think of the flavors: Health Potion (cherry & lime), Mana Tonic (blue raspberry), Stamina Potion (pineapple & mango),  Elixir (blue agave), Dragon Blood Elixir (dragon fruit & starfruit).

Yeah, Not super deep but still, been rocking in my mind for the last few days.
So after months of toying around, and 9 hours spent on Saturday/Sunday I finally for the first time in over a year got Skyrim both heavily modded and stable. An boy did I do some overhauling; New ENB, Bash Patched, Updated 37 mods (most notably FNIS), Merged a number of small mods into a custom single mod, New Combat System (thanks to about 8 mods), Graphical Upgrades, etc. So now it looks better then Special edition, combat is more akin to darksouls, several massive DLC size mod areas (planning on adding 4 more) and its stable... so stability how I have missed you.
Good day friends, keeping well? (kudos for those that get the reference)

Two updates that I feel are worthy of note:
1) Wildside is for the most part coming along well, far more people were interested in being writers then I thought and that is more then fine with me. That said, there still are 2 things worth noting: One, I still need some more artists so if you are interested please note me here on DA, join the group or hit me up on our official email at Two, I either find my old copy of Word and install it on my computer or I will just say screw it and do it on my Acer laptop, not that it matters, just more convenient to do everything on the one computer (unless anyone has any suggestions other then open office that I could use to put it together)

2) I'm doing a 'lite' remodel of my room. This is due to some projects (Wildside being one) that will require me having a larger work space. Currently My computer desk is just a 3 tier metal shelf that holds everything other then the keyboard and mouse. I plan to upgrade to a long desk (something in the realm of 24/30 by 54/60 table top space) that will take up the one wall in my room. To make room for this, my rather massive and old entertainment center will be moved either to a different wall and made into a book/figure display or moved into my garage for storage. The new desk will need to function as a both a place for my computer (going to go to a two monitor set up, and add stuff so I can record videos), my HDTV, my consoles, DVD/Blu ray player, and a small writing space. Here is my main issue, I don't know if I can buy a desk that will fit/meet my needs, or if I just need to say hell with it and build one from scratch (I took 3 years of shop and drafting, and have built a number of pieces before when I needed to or for friends  so that is an option). So here I am, not asking for handouts, but ideas and suggestions on either what I could buy (feel free to link me amazon/officemax/ikea desks you think might work) or what I could build. Any feedback is welcome and appreciated.

Bonus Updates:
1) Subnatica is a freaking masterpiece for not being a finish game, go play it. Yes there isn't any catgirls which normally is what makes me recommend content to people, but it is good. (I don't care what anyone says, Mass Effect Andromeda is also a great game).
2) And on an semi unrelated note, I got my first raise since being on salary, so yay money.
3) If this jinxes it I will be madder then a PS4 owner wanting skyrim mods, somehow I haven't had as many migraines in the last 8 days (only one instead of my standard 4-6 for 7 day stretch, and that standard has only been the case for the last 2 years, prior it was 2 in a 7 day cycle). Granted I was really sick with a food born illness for about 2 weeks but that cleared up 3 days ago, so hopefully better health inbound.... Yeah watch in 2 days life will bitch slap me hard again.
4) Related to bonus 2, One of my two credit cards is now fully paid off with the second most likely being paid off next pay (following Friday), this will be the first time both are clear since I build my computer. Granted I still need to put 300 more back to pay the only person that helped me with money because I owe it to pay them back.

TL'DR: Wildside could use more artists, Going to build or buy a new computer desk, and Subnatica is SWEET

Take care all, offer up any feedback
Got a big project in the works but I need Artists, Writers, and a Staff.

What it is? Wildside magazine is coming back baby!

What is Wildside? Online Magazine, Humor/satirical, Transformation themed with photomanips, stories, artists interviews, tutorials, and all sorts of TFie goodness. is back in business

Interested in joining the team? drop me a line here, on skype (thefelinealchemist) or on our email at
So during my latest bout of depression I did a bit of a file purge and a belonging purge, basically getting rid of anything I felt I was never going to finish in terms of projects, this included manips, stories, game ideas, 2 skyrim mods, and a few other deals. That said I did stumble across a few old projects I oddly want to revive and work on again. Of these there are 3 I want to go into. Those interested keep reading:

First, those that followed my old account will remember a online magazine I did that sadly only had 2 issues, focusing on TF content as if transformations were happening in the real world this was the nature of WILDSIDE. Wolfgirl (wildsidecover)  New kind of fashion & Old Wildside Cover all got made for it back when I was doing it. Now in order for me to do this, I will require a crew/staff to help me get each issue done, things like writers, artists, editors, proof readers, etc. Anyone that wants to help let me know and you will be listed in the issues as your role in it. I'm thinking monthly issues. Also any features you'd like as a reader to see?

Second is a videogame idea called Ninja Tail, a RPG/platformer hybrid (think tomba/bladekitten/metroid/castlevaina with Megaman sprinkles). Ninja tail will follow a Ninja catgirl named Allina who over the course of the game gains the power to transform into other anthro animals (not all ninjas, but each with platforming abilities she normally would lack). The idea and goal is to revisit the time when games had humor in them that played off the story and play off the old troupes of classic platforming. More information here: Ninja Tail

Finally the last project is a collection of games that are all set in the same universe which prior to Mass Effect 4, I was going to call "The Nexus Expanded Universe" but now figured I'd change it up and going off the old project name for mass effect go with "SciFi X" though might still go back to the old name. The setting itself is a few thousand years in the future, after most of humanity fled earth. Originally I had three games planned each one showing what happened to humanity, one on earth, one on one side of the milkyway, and another on the other end. I bring this up because Im focusing on one of the later two, the game (if I could pull it off) would end up being a total conversion mod for skyrim, so Futuristic scifi but with skyrim controls. Some of the spitballing on the idea can be found here: SyFy X

I still plan to do manips, and I really need to get back into writing. Anyway, Peace

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Forward: This is just a rant, venting if you will, in the vain hope that putting the thoughts down will help get over them or at least take them off my mind for a while. This is Not a cry for attention, a cry for help or anything of that nature, granted I will apologize now if the following comes off in that manor. Also at times I might go off on random tangents.

     To say I'm done with everything, burned out, a hollow shell... feels lacking to describe how I feel. With all that has gone on in the last few years, no real achievable goals ahead, I often find myself wondering why I bother to do anything, be it work, art, eating, getting out of bed. Yes depression has had a hold of me and like a paint can in a mixer or a topless bar tender making a martini and shaking for all its worth. They say humor can help, not seeing it do much good there. This has been made all the worse with stupid shit at work and living in a house with a mentally unstable person (more so then I) and a person that may be going through dementia or something. Its like walking on eggshells on a thin glass floor with cracks running through it over a spiked pit. The littlest wrong word, facial expression, tone of voice and bam, they fly off the handle and I end up getting the full force of it. Last Friday for example the episode was so bad (funny part I got cut up really bad from my cat because he got scared; I was holding them when the person in question scared him not really meaning to do it, but still he freaked, I yelled because I got hurt [not at them or the cat but one of those "Fuck!" because it fucking hurt]) that they freaked out so bad that I had either a heart attack or an anxiety attack (no insurance so haven't been to a doctor and given depression levels, dont really care if it kills me). Then Sunday night, a second episode and I think that time it was a anxiety attack given what I researched online. I cant keep doing this shit. 

    Shifting gears completely, (this is something that I haven't had much issue with but a number of people I know have) I think for almost every artist out there, we have those people we consider masters/gods/apex etc of the craft for whatever style of art we do. We all have our own opinions of who those people are for each style but it cannot be denied that they often have a level of sway in their respected communities, why wouldn't they. Their word can make or break someone in their field. Personally I don't think anyone should self profess to being such a master of their craft for that is for those that view their work to be the judge of. Where am I going with this? Well there are those that offer up their advice and it is treated (and rightfully so) like gold. We all know this. The problem is there are those that by no means fall into this master tier (for the record, I know I sure as hell don't) and yet offer up critiques that often put down artists that are far better then they are just because they think that they can. This is just disgusting, its one thing to say "hey, your shading is off in the left corner given the light source and some of the line work isn't as tight at normal" but we have people going "oh great, this shit again, why do you bother?" Shit people, I'm all for constructive criticism & if something sucks, I like to know why as I'm sure others do because this is how we improve, but to just bitch and troll people, what good does it really do. Let me take a quick moment to clarify again, I love getting feedback be it good or bad, this part of the rant isnt about me.

    Another shift in gears, and this is just a bitch fit so feel free to skip this paragraph. Why is it when I Mod Skyrim, I can add 20 mods with no issue, but randomly one little mod will fuck everything up. I know script issues, or mod conflicts, but damn, you get people that can run 230 mods no issue, then you get those that have mass issues with 10 mods... just drives me nuts. Or why is it there are so few good new race mods, but there are hundreds of follower mods? Same with the lack of New land & Quest mods that get completed compared to just about everything else (I know, the time and work that goes into them). For those that follow the skyrim modding scene, who else thinks what happened to MXR is freaking bullshit? He really should have filed a counter suit against that chick.

   Going back to the start though, lately for reasons listed above, I have had little drive to do anything. I got a lot of project I want to work on but no going power to work on them. This has been a problem of mine for years (too many projects, not enough time or them just getting abandoned) and I never put a lot of thought into why I do it. About a month ago I got my answer to the question I didnt ask when my mother randomly started telling me a story of when my father (horrible person btw) did this shit all the time, one of the more notable ones was he was going to build a pond out back of the house they were renting, bought all this stuff, dug up the ground, never finished it. I have always been glad I didn't as far as I knew, share any traits with the man, but this hit close to home, one of my biggest flaws was also one of his, while that isn't a catalyst for the depression I've been in, it was like tossing a barrel of gas on a bonfire. 

    So where do I leave this and where does this leave me? I dont know. Still depressed, still got those lovely mental issues, gender identity issues and a lack of tissues for issues... that bad pun sounded more dirty then intended. There are things I want to do, but its getting to do them that is proving to be the challenge. One thing I want to do, bring back from my old account and if I can get a staff for it, one word, Wildside. If you know what that was, then you know why I want to bring it back. I will say I wont be deleted my account regardless of what happens, that always drives me nuts when people do that, so I will not be taking that path. I am going to try to do some manips this week, hopefully will be posting Monday.

TLDR: Life currently sucks, people trolling friends aggravates me, skyrim modding is a pain, and new art next week.
Let me start by saying be honest and if you must, brutal, with your comments to what I am going to ask.

I am wondering, in hopes that it will help improve myself as an artist, what do you like about my work? And on the Flipside, what do you dislike/hate about it? No wrong answers, I really am looking for honest feedback, if something like say "Your inflation and blueberry manips make me sick, stick to catgirls" is what you think, then please tell me.

I will say this will not stop me from doing different things, but I want to know people think.
Well, Shit.

Been so sick of things lately (work, family, da related) that I have wanted to try to take matters into my own hands and do something better with my life. Basically I wanted to fulfill at least one dream on my bucket list, and I chose a Gaming Store. After hammering out the concept and getting some feedback from a few friends, I started on number crunching to see how much this would cost me to start up. Without looking up exact costs (will be doing that this weekend) a rough look for cash needed just to open up would be between 30,000 and 75,000 bucks.

Not sure if I should give up on this dream, or try to find a way to make it happen.

After number crunching, without product, legal fees, and a few other things, I got about 9000 dollars just in set up for required things (POS, tables, shelves, cases, security, etc)... Not sure I can find a way under 30,000 
Tagged by :iconfearedlight:
Colors. Thinking about a color; conjures up a strong feeling, or a visual picture, a sound, or whatever thing else it does to me

Red: Rage
Blue: Fear, drowning
Green : vivid peace
Orange: warmth, fall
Purple: royalty, power
White: Blank, empty, hallow
Black: Cold, alone, safe
Yellow: sickening joy 
Pink: N/A
Gold: Greed
Sky Blue: Bight, overly cheerful, should be covered in gray
Grey: The color of balance, joy
Cray: Scifi, futuristic
Crimson: Blood, life, pain, hope
Jade: Calm, whole,
Teal: Fluid, shifting, free
Copper: Industry, mechanical 
Tag at least 5 people, or more!
Add whatever color you like! (cray. crimson, jade, teal, copper added)
I am going to try to do a weekly stream (maybe bi weekly) on that will be held either a Friday night or sometime during the weekend. During these streams I will be taking requests for manips with the following rules: You supply the stock, I hold the right to decline a request, I will not do anything that can not be post on DA (in terms of content). While streaming I will have music playing though at times I might have a mic on to answer questions in the chat or two explain what I am doing if people are interested. During the streams in the chat I will have a few rules:
1) No Fighting with other members in the chat
2) No Rping with other members in the cat (you can do that elsewhere)
3) No complaining about what others request (each person gets at least one request [time permitting] and what they like might not be what you like)
4) If anyone wants me to skip music tracks, ask me kindly and odds are I will do so you can always mute the window too, that is a valid option)
5) No requesting underage manips, I will NOT do it.

Once a week on Monday I will be uploading a batch of manips, these will include unless otherwise noted the following: 2 or more catgirls, 1 Nose growth, 1 Odd ball (berry, inflation, IDK), 1 story (attached to a manip), 1 donkey, and whatever else gets done that prior week.

Commission information:
Ok, Now on the topic of Commissions 
I am now offering the following Commissions; Photomanipulation, Tails (furry/cosplay), MTG Shadowboxes, & character terrariums 

RULES & GUIDELINES For Photomanipulations:
*You Must Own or Prove you have permission to use use the photo for the Manip (I will be doing reverse images searches), If you do not have the rights to let me use the photo, your commission will be DENIED.
*I WILL NOT do photomanips of anyone under age of 18 (or that I suspect is under the age, keep that in mind)
*I WILL NOT do photomanips that depict illegal actions such as bestially, drug use, rape, murder, ect (this should go without saying).
*I Will not do any highly sexualized photomanips.
*I Reserve the Right to post any commissions I do in my own gallery (though in the nature of gift art, I am willing to wait until a date the commissioner requests).
*I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE ANY COMMISSION FOR ANY REASON. (Though reasons would be a violation of the guidelines, or something I feel I am not able to deliver on like "half renamon half mermaid dinosaur chick swimming in a river of fire" because lets face it, I am no where near that skilled yet)
*If you post any photomanips that you commission me for, Link back to my profile (not so much a requirement as a nice thing to do) 
*Commissions requests must be sent to me Via Email ( or DA note in the following manor:
     **Email must be titled "Photomanip Commission"
     **Photo must be sent as an attachment, not as a link
     **Details of what you want must be included such as "Feline TF, Orange Fur, (list of traits such as eyes, whiskers, tail, paws, etc)"
     ** List anything you want to make sure I do not do such as changing eye color or fiddling with lighting etc.

Prices: For something basic like a single person with ears and a tail, or just eyes/tail/etc, will be $10 dollars.
          For something more advanced like 

Mature Content

Dragon Girl by TheFelineAlchemist

Mature Content

Punk Kitty by TheFelineAlchemist
 or  Blasting Off Again by TheFelineAlchemist will be $25.
          For each additional person in the photo, add $5. 

Tail Commissions:
A few I made by TheFelineAlchemist to give you an idea of some of what I've done. Pricing will be $25 dollars standard for 18 inch feline. Other tails such as canine, donkey, kangaroo, deer, pig, rabbit, otter, etc will be priced buy the complexity of the make (though $20-25 dollars will be standard) or the style of Faux fur I need to use (some of these furs cost a pretty penny [example the minks I have was 42 a yard when I got it]). Email or note me here on DA for details.

MTG ShadowBox Commissions:
For these babies (not the ones shown, but for boxes in general) are broken into 3 styles:
Magic the gathering Serra Angel display  by TheFelineAlchemist Small Showcase $10+ (the plus is any cards I'd have to buy to make the box if you wanted a special one)

Magic the gathering ShadowBox by TheFelineAlchemist  Avacyn's Madness shadowbox  by TheFelineAlchemist Mid Shadowbox $25+ (the plus is any cards I'd have to buy to make the box if you wanted a special one)

Mayael shadowbox  by TheFelineAlchemist   Leaders of the Izzet Shadowbox  by TheFelineAlchemist  Large Shadowboxes are $40+ (the plus is any cards I'd have to buy to make the box if you wanted a special one as well as any special elements like lighting, foils, ect)

Detailed veiw by TheFelineAlchemist  Pokemon Diorama Two by TheFelineAlchemist   Iceman snow globe by TheFelineAlchemistCharacter Terrariums are subject to what they contain. Note me for details.

Email or Note me here for details

Any Questions, Comments, or general Feedback always welcome.

Mature Content

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Short version, I was bored and this seemed like a fun idea. So here we go in no real order. ***WARNING*** It will get Dark at times.
102. A lot of people that I have met and know online assumed I was/am female till I mention otherwise.
103. Despite fearing spiders, I loved the film 8 legged freaks
104. I put peanut butter between two s'mores pop-tarts
105. Got horribly depressed for about a week after seeing Avatar (blue kitties, not the show)
106. Love spicy food
107. Talked myself out of getting expelled in the 5th grade for attacking a fellow student
108. Despite my violence, rage, and aggression, I am a pacifist that believes violence doesn't fix problems
109. I would do horrible things if I had a Ditto from Pokemon....
110. First game I ever beat was Dragon Spirit on the NES
111. My first Bethesda Fallout game was fallout 4 (had played one and two back in the day) & I only mention this because of the number.
113. Thanks to both a misunderstanding at age 4 and getting kicked out of sex ed in 5th grade, I though men also grew breasts till I was about 13, I just assumed they shrank down once they got out of puberty.
114. I'm one of the few people in my family without an arrest record.
115. I'm highly allergic to pomegranate, it hits me like cocaine. I shit you not, that stuff gets me super energized, hyper and HIGH followed by a crash after 30 minutes with a Horrific migaine
116. I prefer cloudy rainy days
117. I hate anything over 72 degrees
118. I currently own 97 video games I haven't played once.
119. I collect some random things (magic cards, catgirl figures, bottle caps)
120. I have judged way too many books by their covers
121. Would only play the HD remake of FF7 for the cross dressing scene, why lie
122. I love turning someone's beliefs against them
123. I use to write poetry
124. The only, & I mean only, AC/DC song I dont like is "for those about to rock"
125. I have never beat supermario 3 on NES
126. My interaction with furries has lead me to feeling like a outsider for the fandom.
127. Rarely RP anymore.
128. I have seen the original starwars trilogy so many times, I have it committed to memory
129. There are actors I hate so much I will not watch a movie if they are in it even if only for a cameo
130. I'd be happy with almost any kind of tail
131. Im shocked more of my offline friends arnt into TF content given that many of them loved animorphs
132. I use to wear hats all the time, but after one job (for 4 years) when I had to wear one every day, I cant bring myself to wear one for more then an hour
133. Ive played just about every major format of magic the gathering
134. I never thought I'd get more then a 100 watchers on DA
135. If I drink alcohol, it has to be vodka or ale
136. I drink a lot of tea
137. I have cried during 3 different movies
138. I once was going to write a Megaman fanfiction and a Mortal Kombat Fanfiction
139. I'd gladly sell a kidney
140. Of all the things I hate, I hate myself the most
141. Likewise, of all the things I fear, I fear myself the most
142. I have a personal Honor Code
143. When answering my cell phone I say, “Heaven, God Speaking."
144. I want to dress up like death, with a scythe, and look into people houses at night.
145. Yes, I do believe I need therapy
146. Ironically I play therapist to a number of my friends.
147. I once trolled a few members on TF-Spot for their behavior to other members
148. I have insomnia and with often be awake for hours either contemplating the universe, or mentally weaving long stories.
149. I long to own a gunblade from FFVIII
150. I've wanted to try to start a subculture
151. I've studied Dreams heavily 
152. I can lucid dream rather well
153. My fingernails grow oddly fast
154. I have played video games just because there is a catgirl in it (well, I guess you all assumed that)
155. Oddly, I tend to main a redguard in oblivion over a khajiit
156. My mind goes to some very dark thoughts for no reason
157. I will go out of my way to learn things
158. Sadly how to draw is not one of the things 
159. I get these odd kicks where I obsess over odd things (like with TF content, I'll get on a kangaroo or a cow kick)
160. There are games I cant play that I love because the games trigger migraines for me.
161. I'd love to have a pet catboy
162. I know a shockingly large number of ways to kill a person
163. I've wanted to write a book where one chapter is about nothing other then how amazing Doritos are just to see what people would say
164. I've electrocuted myself a number of times
165. The taste of blood doesn't bother me
166. I love rock operas 
167. I'd love to have webbed fingers and toes 
168. I read a lot of fanfiction
169. I'd rather read porn then watch it
170. I've played games of magic the gathering that have lasted over 8 hours
171. I have quite a few OCs I rarely ever use
172. Im amazed Im not a whore ;P 
173. I can be an attention whore
174. I like to use the word whore as an insult
175. I'd love to direct a horror film
176. The longest I've been awake was 76 hours, I had visual and auditory hallucinations and slept for 29 hours straight after that. Still wondering if there is any long term damage.
177. During that time, I watched 3 films in the movie theater, I only vaguely recall Fantastic 4 Rise of the silver surfer.  
178. Im currently writing a few stories
179. I wish my non photomanipulation art got even a quarter of the interest
180. I enjoy meeting new people despite hating people
181. My favorite MTG character is Ral Zarek, Wish they made a figure of him
182. I bought a top loading NES just so I wouldnt have to fight with getting a game to play
183. I have about 7 PSX for no real reason
184. If I had the time and money Id covert my house into full steampunk decor
185. I would be willing to attempt cannibalism if I needed to survive or had to hide a body
186. Im oddly obsessed with Dragons
187. Im not big on dogs
188. I watched the show totally spies just to see the catgirl TF... I watched about 2 seasons till I found the first one they did.
189. I got kinks I will not list on DA ;P
190. Due to my chronic migraines, I've built up a tolerance to every over the counter and a few prescription pain pills
191. I add garlic to just about everything I cook
192. I have a hard time finding music I like
193. Despite being asked many times if I do commissions (which I do), no one has commissioned me so far
194. If I could live in once videogame world, I'd pick the Monster Rancher 
195. I hate llama badges, but if I get one I will go through the givers full gallery (because why not)
196. I hate one sentence Rping (yet I am guilty of it time to time)
197. I hate random people I dont know asking me to RP. I will rp when I know the person, but off the street..... no
198. Laser swords (in any form) are my favorite scifi weapon, the caster from outlaw star being second.
199. I prefer catgirls with semi muzzles and whiskers
200. I tend to hate prequels
201. I once broke up with a chick because we got into a fight about Twilight and 50 Shades of Gray (she thought those were ideal romances, I think she was fucking stupid)
202. My watchers know more about me then she did lol
203. I am thinking of doing another one of these

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Short version, I was bored and this seemed like a fun idea. So here we go in no real order. ***WARNING*** It will get Dark at times.
1. Favorite Colors: Purple, Cray, Gray, Crimson & Copper
2. Despite having a catgirl TF, I hate harry potter
3. I have bought about half my film and anime collection just because there is TF content or A catgirl in it.
4. The catgirl image folder on my computer is over 12 gigs (some are catboys in a sub folder)
5. I've been obsessed with TF content from age 3 (damn you disney)
6. I have been in relationships with men, women, and people that identify as something else.
7. I have been stabbed, burned, electrocuted, hit with a car (funny thing there I more or less bounced off the hood and my elbow broke their windshield), & poisoned. 
8. I have had people request I start a cult
9. I spent over 3 years studying and practicing hypnosis (medical mostly) but never got a medical license so I cant open a legal practice for it
10. I can watch almost any kind of gore without batting an eye, but a finger nail broken or ripped will cause me to freak out.
11. Frogs are my favorite animal (PLOT TWIST!!!)
12. My favorite song is American Pie 
13. I use to drink 4-6 liters of Mt Dew and Mt Code red a day from the time I was 15-24, I havent had one since thanksgiving when I was 24 (going on 5 years...)
14. My favorite candy is a 5th Ave bar
15. I love stargate more then any other scifi show/movie
16. I am a realist despite hating reality 
17. Have been told I am the most heartless person on the planet
18. I have also been told I am close to a saint (I guess it depends who you ask lol)
19. Photomanipulations are one of my favorite styles of art because of the level of realism 
20. If I could have any super power, it would be shapeshifting
21. I hate my body, yet think from the neck up Im one good looking bastard 
22. I was born legally deaf and it took 3 surgeries for me to be able to hear
23. If not for music, I'd rather be deaf
24. I've spent in my life, well over 15,000 dollars on magic the gathering cards
25. I own a house 
26. Favorite game by console: Atari 2600: RiverRaid, NES: Dragon Spirit, PSX: Legend of Dragoon, PS2: I dont know..., Xbox: Kotor 2, Gameboy: pokemon red/silver, GMA: Yugioh world championship (I think is the title), 360: Skyrim, PC: Skyrim/Fallout4, 3DS: Final Fantasy Explorers, or Pokemon Y, PSP: Crisis Core, SNES: Metroid, N64: smash bros
27. I used the game yugioh in highschool to get people into magic the gathering.
28. Broke all my ribs twice.
29. I am very kinky
30. I do really random shit at times for no real reason, Like forest gump impressions
31. I say fuck way too much
32. I have been bummed I never got a chance to troll chrischan (because I am nothing if not an asshole at times)
33. ironically, If I had a videogame company, I would contact him and attempt to make a sonichu game for the hell of it.
34. My father tried to have me killed.
35. I have over 20 half siblings because my father didnt believe in condoms and moves from woman to woman. 
36. To this day, I have yet to met one of my half brothers or sisters, I know of them via court papers and that is it.
37. One of my best friends is someone I met here on DA (if he wants me to, I can list him in the comments) and to this day he is one of my top fave artists and I admire him.
38. I wear a cat tail (homemade) when I am alone at home
39. I stream games on twitch
40. Other then animal TF, I also love TG, Inflation, Nose growth (somewhat a new one for me), & inanimate Tf.
41. I cried during mass effect 3 when I thought Grunt died. Also when Mortin died to save the krogan. And Thane.... 
42. I tried making a steampunk omnitool, it didnt come out good.
43. I have never gotten high off drugs.
44. I have never smoked.
45. While I hate MLP from a show, comic, story view, I will fave art if it is good. Not sure if that counts as brony or not lol (though I dont think I am)
46. As above, I hate Dragonball, but will fave art if it is good, and own Xenoverse one and 2 because I was on a fighting game kick.
47. This is not my first account, but it is my active one.
48. I have made a number of X rated manips I will not post on DA
49. I nerd out when someone tells me they like my work or are a fan :3
50. I have failed at killing myself more times then I care to admit (honestly, I thought the bottle of sleeping pills would have done it a few years back, but I threw up over myself in my sleep)
51. I found out I cannot tie a noose when I fell and hit the floor of my garage. (it's ok to laugh, I laugh looking back at it)
52. Valen Tenebris is my pen name, My real First name is Cody
53. I hate my real name
54. I didn't get a smart phone till this year, been using a flip phone since highschool.
55. I am gender fluid
56. IRL, I hate being touched and bothered, online though "GIVE ME ATTENTION!!! I DEMAND CUDDLES!!"  Yeah, I dont get it 
57. I use a PSP for an MP3 player
58. I fear that once I die, Nothing in my life would have mattered and no one will remember me.
59. I have eaten cup noodles for a week to afford things I dont need. like porn.
60. I want to open my own gaming store
61. I hate hippies, spiders, and smart cars more then most
62. I was born in 1988
63. Robert Bloch is my favorite writer
64. My mother pulled me out of highschool the day Xmen hit theaters and told them I had a dentist appointment. The dentist was in the same parking lot as the theater so until we parked at the wrong end I thought I was going to the dentist.
65. My favorite comic is Locke & Key
66. I have studied a number of religions
67. Have thought of starting a Youtube channel
68. Been working on a cookbook
69. Been working on s book titled "great ways to fuck with people."
70. Some people think I hate everything given how critical I am
71. I crack jokes a lot
72. I have a very twisted and dark sense of humor
73. When it comes to food, I have a few rules with meat: No Babies, No Brains, No Testicles. Anything I am open to trying. 
74. I do like headcheese
75. I was a head cook for 4 years
76. I will call people at stores/ restaurants/ Delis on health code violations 
77. Despite my love of horror, there are very few films in the genre I will watch more then once.
78. I dont scare easy.
79. I'm colorblind in one eye from a laser related injury (doctor at the time thought I was going to be blind in that eye) so now everything to my left eye is a slight shade of blue (like looking through sky blue cellophane). Funny part is I don't notice it much anymore unless I have a migraine a loose vision in one eye from it, then I notice it big time.
80. I am 6'4"
81. I dislike most sports
82. I'd like to try living as a pet cat for a week
83. I think I'd survive if not thrive in a zombie apocalypse
84. I want to get a group together of people that would function like a family for eachother (so everyone in the group would always have someone to talk to, get advice from, hang out with, etc.)
85. Sometimes when people thank me for faving their work, I have to hit up there gallery to figure out what the hell I faved.
86. I never go to parties
87. Most people that know me in real life would never guess I suffer from manic depression
88. I havent been able to afford my meds in 6 years
89. I messed up when building my PC and installed the wrong version of windows 10 (one I didnt have the key for).... I still havent gotten the right key...
90. I have deleted more manips then I post
91. Normal people scare the shit out of me
92. I dont know what it is like to not be in some level pain (chronic migraines are a bitch)
93. I love hiking
94. I love photography
95. I own 2 cats
96. I use to have a cockatiel
97. I love RC cola
98. I have no faith in humankind
99. I'd take a bullet for any of my friends
100. I'd help any of my friends hide a body too
101. I think I could do a second list.

And for shits and giggles, lets tag some people. No rules, post if you want to, tag if you want to.
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Im over the flu and bit bored. So to counter the boredom, How about a little Q & A? ASk me anything, no topic off limits, and I will answer truthfully & to the best of my abilities provided the question doens't piss me off in which case I will answer "no comment." So send me any questions you may have. 

Still Bored, will gladly answer any questions. Oddly I do enjoy getting asked questions.
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Been fighting the flu, going on day six, everyone I've talked with that has had this strain has told me they have it for about 16-30 days...
Already my sides and back are black and blue from coughing and sneezing so hard and frequent. I'd like to go to a doctor but my state's health care program that you have to go through to get any other insurance fucked up my application back in November, they refuse to fix it or take any responsibility for their negligence and fuck up, So I am left without insurance, most likely all year. The fun part is the disturbing about of blood that has come up from a few of the coughing episodes, I dont know if I hurt something internal, or its a sinus bleed traveling down the throat I'm coughing up, but it's lovely to say the lease. I've gone through 3 boxes of tissues in the last 48 hours. & I am still going to work because no one can cover for me.

*rant over*

Since once I get home I'm basically going right to bed each day, I am behind on a few personal projects (photomanips, writing, and a game idea), I might not post much other then polls for a week or so, so bare with me.
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So, working on a platformer/rpg hybrid game and I was wondering, what content in games do you as a gamer enjoy?

Things like 2-D side scrolling, open 3-D maps, multi path story lines, different playable characters, co-op, stealth, isometric top down, combo attacks, perk/skill trees, DLC, episodic add-ons, first person, third person, easter eggs, pop culture references, satire, customization of items/characters, crafting systems, puzzle solving , etc.

Please tell me any sort of features you feel are needed for a great game, and why you feel they are needed. 
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First the experiment I mentioned in my last journal. I've been conducting with polls on my page a social experiment of sorts:
Can people that do not know me in person make accurate assumptions based on my account here about me?

I theorized that given the information I supplied in journals, gallery, profile and such that my watchers could make reasonable assumptions about me but might not hit the mark in its entirety. Any assumption would only paint part of the overall picture.

Lets look at the data:
Poll one "Is TheFelineAlchemist a fitting username for me?"
76% said yes, 18% said no, 3% said no
Poll two:"I bet TheFelineAlchemist identifies as.."
46% said catgirl, 14% said pizza, 11% said catboy, 11% said Demon Hell Swan, 7% said female, 4% said male, and 4% said other (though no comments given to what other was thought)
Poll three: Round 2 of above
67% said catgirl, 27% said catboy, 7% said other
Poll four: "Should I wear cat ears and a tail every day"
60% yes, 30% maybe, 10% no
Poll five: Do you think I suffer from mental illness?
55% no, 24% maybe, 21% some form of yes

So from this it seems that people seem to think I identify as a catgirl that most likely doesn't suffer from mental illness. Honestly I found this slightly shocking overall, I did have listed "Master of catgirls" on my page and not "Mistress." Also all the times I self proclaim my mental state makes me shocked that a majority (even if by a narrow margin) seem to think I don't have a mental illness (come on, you all know as well as I and the state that I am freaking nuts, depresses, manic, etc). Is this a fair view, Hard to say but I think it is a fair assessment given how I present on this account, so It is what it is, so I theorized correctly.
Now on to recent happenings. Oh boy did I have one of my best fuck up of my life (Most likely in my top 5) on Friday. Before I list what it is, let me give some information first: I use to be the warehouse manager at my place of employment before I got moved to front office about 2 and half years back (step up in company role) and I still bounce out there at least once a week or more to work on freight (our current freight guy sucks at his job and the manager isn't bad but is often out covering routes for drivers), I am one of 3 people that know how to drive our standup forklift there. Now our freight guy was in a car collision (Notice word choice there, it was his fault and he was driving with a suspended license that some how didn't get arrested for but passed the blame on another driver) and is on medical leave till he sees a specialist because of seizures he is having from whiplash (note: he claims he gets a lot of them but never once was diagnosed with them and because he said that in the ER they wont release him till a specialist signs off he is ok to work). So he has been off work for 2 weeks, and the warehouse manager was out on a route Friday, so I had to unload a truck that was too low for our dock so I had to use a side door, but the shelves in our warehouse ware narrow so getting down them with the stand up forklift is threading a needle in the truest sense. I was doing great despite telling the owner and GM I shouldn't be doing it because I was in a fullblown migraine and couldn't see out my right eye and had very little focus not to mention the Owner would not stop distracting me, walking in my path when I was driving, offering consent commentary (I know I'm in tight quarters, I don't need you telling me about it every 3 seconds. I mean damn, Im not the one that flipped a forklift off the dock, his stepson did that shit). Anyway I am on the second two last pallet, I took out with the fork on a right angle turn the main support for one of the shelving units and almost took the full thing out (was able to both put a box to support it while taking everything off the shelf in about 5 minutes). I have never hit anything much less taking out a shelving unit's main support. Keep in mind this is one of those 3 tier shelves that can hold pallets of stuff, wood though instead of metal (one of 3 wood ones we have). I had some of my most colorful language at this event. Plus side I didn't hurt anyone and both the Owner and GM said I handled it better then either of them would have, our other two guys wouldn't have gotten the forklift through that area like I did several times before this event and it was a unit that didn't see much use anyway. But The stress of this did cause me to have a "mild" for lack of a better term breakdown after once everything was done. I don't remember when I have been that pissed at myself over something. Overall its over and I am not getting in any trouble from it, but damn.

It will be a while before I get on a forklift again if I can help it.

Finally, I'm current working on an idea for a video game of sorts, so expect to see polls about game content and the answers might influence the project. If there is interest, I will post content as it gets done (given scope, this will take a long time to complete)

Peace out everyone
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